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Dr. Anthony Camara

Pronouns: He/Him


Associate Professor

Faculty of Arts, Department of English

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Educational Background

B.A. English, University of California (LA), 2003

B.S. Biology, University of California (LA), 2003

M.A. English, University of California (LA), 2009

PhD English, University of California Los Angeles, 2013


Dr. Anthony Camara specializes in literature and science studies with an emphasis on prose fictions from the late Victorian period to the present day. His current book project, Dark Matter: Weird Fiction and the Substance of Horror, traces the evolution of the titular subgenre from its origins in the British Fin-de-siècle to its definitive statement in the twentieth-century pulp fictions of the famous American writer, Howard Phillips Lovecraft. His scholarly work has appeared in numerous collections as well as the peer-reviewed journals Horror Studies, Gothic Studies, and Studies in the Fantastic, among others. In addition to his PhD in English, Dr. Camara has a background in the biological sciences—he spent three years researching the genetics of sensory systems in the moon jellyfish, Aurelia aurita, and various other marine invertebrates—and long-standing interests in chemistry and astrophysics. Consequently, he is well suited to supervise projects in the fields of science and speculative fiction. And, as his scholarly work surely indicates, he is possessed of a love of horror literature and cinema, enabling him to supervise projects on the Gothic and the supernatural.


Areas of Research

Popular genres: Weird & Horror Fiction, Popular genres: Science & Speculative Fiction


Course number Course title Semester
ENGL 203 Introductory Seminar 2020
ENGL 393 Speculative Fiction I: Science Fiction 2021
ENGL 477 Literature and Science: AI and VR in Science Fiction 2021
ENGL 517.29 Advanced Topic in Theory and Culture: Posthumanism Seminar 2020
ENGL 251 Literature and Society Fall 2021
ENGL 388 Supernatural Horror in Literature Fall 2018