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Prof. W. D. Walls


Areas of Research

Energy Markets, Entertainment Industry Economics, Transportation Economics, Pipeline Economics, Horse Track Gambling, Counterfeiting & Piracy

Recent Publications

  • W. D. Walls and X. Zheng.. "Pipeline capacity rationing and crude oil price differentials: The case of western Canada."  The Energy Journal, 41(1): 241-258, January 2020.
  • W. D. Walls and A. During.  "The Presidential Amnesty Programme of 2009 and Nigerian oil production: A disaggregate econometric analysis."  OPEC Energy Review, 44(1):27-42, March 2020.
  • W. D. Walls and W. Zhang.  "Applied Models of Heavy Tails and Skewness in Energy Prices with an Application to Electricity Price Risk." In, S. Goutte and D.K.Nguyen, editors, Handbook of Energy Finance, Chapter 8, pp. 185-213. World Scientific, 2020.
  • W. D. Walls and J. McKenzie.  "Black swan models for the entertainment industry with an application to the movie business."  Empirical Economics, 59(6):3019--3032, December 2020.  Available online at
  • A. Hadida, J. Lampel, W. D. Walls, and A. Joshi,.  "Hollywood studio film-making in the age of Netflix: A tale of two institutional logics." Journal of Cultural Economics, 45(2):213--238, June 2021 .Available online at 
  • W. D. Walls and X. Zheng.  "Environmental regulation and safety outcomes: Evidence from Canadian energy pipelines."  Resource and Energy Economics, 64, May 2021.
  • W. D. Walls and X. Zheng.  "Fracking and structural shifts in oil supply."  The Energy Journal, 43(3):1--32, 2022.
  • L. Guo, W. D. Walls and X. Zheng.  "Waste import bans and environmental quality: Evidence from China's Electronic Waste Disposal Towns."  Environmental and Resource Economics, 85:65--108, 2023.
  • G. Li, W. D. Walls and X. Zheng. "Differential license plate pricing and electric vehicle adoption in Shanghai, China." Transportation Research Part A: Policy & Practice, Volume 172, 2023, 103672.
  • F. Wei, W. D. Walls, X. Zheng, and G. Li.  "Evaluating environmental benefits from driving electric vehicles: The case of Shanghai."   Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, Volume 119, 2023, 103749.