Vincent Gabriel

Dr. Vincent Gabriel



Assistant Professor

Cumming School of Medicine, Department of Surgery | Plastic Surgery

Assistant Professor

Cumming School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics

Assistant Professor

Cumming School of Medicine, Department of Clinical Neurosciences | Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Full Member

McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health

Child Health & Wellness Researcher

Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute

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Kelly Johnston
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Educational Background

MD (Distinction), BSc(Med) Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, 2000

FRCPC Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Alberta, 2005

M.S. Clinical Sciences, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre at Dallas, 2010

Certificate Non Profit Leadership, John F Kennedy School of Government Harvard Executive Education, 2021

FABA Fellow of the American Burn Association, American Burn Association, 2024


Areas of Research

Tissue Regeneration and Fibrosis

Dr. Gabriel's work focusses on burn injuries with interrogation of regenerative versus fibrotic wound healing mechanisms and management.

Wound Healing Outcomes

Dr. Gabriel's clinical and research programs emphasize instrumented, quantifiable measures of wound healing outcomes.

Quality of Live Around Burn Injury

Dr. Gabriel's research aims to improve the lives of people affected by and at risk for burn injury

Burn Related Disaster Management for Western Canada

Dr. Gabriel seeks to improve planning for burn related disasters in Alberta and Western Canada