Valerie Taylor

Dr. Valerie Taylor



Cumming School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry

Full Member

Hotchkiss Brain Institute

Full Member

Mathison Centre for Mental Health Research and Education

Full Member

The Calvin, Phoebe and Joan Snyder Institute for Chronic Diseases

Child Health & Wellness Researcher

Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute

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Educational Background

Bach of Med Sci , Memorial University, 1997

Doctor of Medicine , Memorial University, 1999

Doctor of Philosophy , McMaster University, 2008


Areas of Research

Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Obesity, Clinical Trial, fMRI, Bipolar diseases, Depression, Microbiome

The research activities of the Taylor Lab are focused broadly on the area of the brain body interface. We are interested in both translational research examing now novel compounds impact psychiatric & illness.

A major focus is the gut brain axis and investigating how manipulation of this system can be used as a potential therapeutic target for new treatments and how psychiatric illness impacts the gut microbiome. We are currently running the only clinical trials in North America using fecal transplant to target mood disorders, and are running a longitudinal microbiome biobank which contains detailed clinical, fMRI, and biological (feces, urine, blood) data.

Preclinical research is done with partners within the HBI and Snyder institute. We also study the impact of medical comorbidities (obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease) on mental illness and conversely. The impact of mental illness of medical comorbity.

We are also engaged in a number of clinical trials looking at the impact of novel compounds on mental illness (fecal transplant, psilocybin).

The lab also partners with large research groups (CANBIND, IMAGINE) to engage in work aimed at improving our understanding of the brain body interface.

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