Tracey Balehowsky. They have dark hair and wear glasses. They are softly smiling.

Tracey Balehowsky

Pronouns: She/They

Contact information

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Office: MS446


Educational Background

PhD. Mathematics, University of Toronto, 2017

MSc. Mathematics, University of Alberta, 2012

BSc. Honors Mathematics, University of Alberta, 2010


Areas of Research

Partial differential equations, Geometric inverse problems, Inversion methods applied to atmospheric science, Electromagnetic cloaking, Image analysis, Geometric flows


Course number Course title Semester
MATH 322 Curves and Surfaces Fall 2024
MATH 617 Functional Analysis Winter 2025
MATH 516 Senior Project Winter 2025
MATH 518 Honour's Thesis Winter 2025

More Information

Research Supervision:

  • Currently accepting graduate students for PhD or MSc programs.
  • Possibilities for undergraduate research or thesis projects.

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