Dr. Tinu Ruparell



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Office: +1 (403) 220-7069

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Educational Background

B.A. Philosophy, University of Calgary, 1989

B.Sc. Microbiology, University of Alberta, 1987

Ph.D Religious Studies, University of Cambridge, 1999

M.A. Religious Studies, University of Calgary, 1992


Areas of Research


Philosophical Hermeneutics, Cross-cultural Hermeneutics, History of Interpretation traditions

Health Humanities / Medical Humanities

The role of humanities in healthcare education, practice and research. The role of religion / spirituality in healthcare. Cross-cultural issues in healthcare. Philosophy and healthcare.

Science and Religion

The relationship between science and religious traditions. Indian religion and science. Atheism, Science and Religion.

Religious Pluralism, Multiculturalism and Secularity

the role of religion in the public sphere, including theories of secularity and pluralism, secularism, inter-religious dialogue

Comparative philosophy of religion

topics in the philosophy of religion (idealism, metaphysics, theology) in a cross-cultural context. Indian and European religious thought. Paul Ricoeur, Leibniz, Vedanta


Participation in university strategic initiatives


Course number Course title Semester
RELS 447 Theories Of Religion 2020
RELS 605 LEC 01 01 Studies in the Nature of Relig 2020
RELS 705 LEC 01 01 Studies in the Nature of Relig 2020
Rels 444/605/705 Existentialism F2018
Rels 437 Hermeneutics and Religion F 2021
Rels 399 Religion and Film W 2022


Vedantic Hermeneutics

A critical overview of the trajectory of hermeneutic traditions in Vedanta, particularly in the modern period.

Philosophy as healthcare

The use of philosophical practice in healthcare.

Religion and/as technology

Re-thinking religion as a social technology.


  • 2019 Harbarger Lecture in Religious Studies, Pennsylvania State University . 2019
  • Visiting Scholar in Residence, University of Helsinki Faculty of Theology. 2019
  • U of C Faculty of Grad Studies Supervisor award nomination, University of Calgary Faculty of Graduate Studies. 2007
  • Gaston Lecturer, University of Oregon. 2004