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Office: +1 (403) 618 9841

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Educational Background

B.A. Other Basic Sciences, University of Cambridge, 1974

Doctor of Philosophy Geology & Related, University Newcastle Upon Tyne, 1978

M.A. , University of Cambridge, 1978

M.S. Geology & Related, University Newcastle Upon Tyne, 1975


Areas of Research

Hominid Archaeology

Biogeoarchaeological study of the hominids

Participation in university strategic initiatives


Course number Course title Semester
E2I 2023 Evolve to Innovation E2I annually October to June



  • CDL Vancouver- Scientist of the Year Award, CDL. 2023
  • Alfred Treibs Award, The Organic Geochemistry Division of the Geochemical Society. 2014
  • Fellowship of the Royal Society, 2009
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, 2012
  • Award of Excellence in Research, Faculty of Science, University of Calgary. 2014
  • CSPG Medal of Merit Award, 2014
  • CSPG Medal of Merit Award, 2012
  • Best paper Award Geochemical Society 2009, 2009
  • CSPG Volunteer Award, 2008
  • Chairman 2006 Gordon Conference in Organic Geochemistry, Gordon Conferences. 2006
  • AAPG Distinguished lecturer 2005/2006, AAPG. 2005
  • Foreign Member Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters, Den Norske Vitenskaps Akademi. 2004
  • Friendship Medal Peoples Republic of China, Government of China. 2000
  • William Smith Medal of The Geological Society, Geological Society. 1998
  • Canada Research Chair in Petroleum Geology, NSERC Canada Research Chairs. 2004


More Information

Steve Larter is a Professor of Geochemistry at the University of Calgary.   He is an experienced technology startup founder, CEO, CSO and Director.

I work with researchers, inventors, innovators, startups, solvers and those interested in discovery and actual technical and social solutions to the worlds problems. 

For the academic research you can look at:-

some highlights are:-

1.Project PHOENIX:  
AVECS: Routes to hydrogen production and carbon storage from biomass: with Jinguang Hu; Kibria; Van Humbeek groups.
Novel electrochemical cells, batteries and CO2 capture: with Thangadurai group.
2. Radiolysis of organic materials:- Dating fluid residence time in subsurface reservoirs for containment assessments using radiolytic proxy systems. Project Rip Van Winkle Model, experiment and terrestrial analog informed interpretations of the record of planetary habitability at Mount Sharp on Mars: with Ben Tutolo group; NASA/JPL Mars Science Laboratory.
3. Large scale CO2 capture and storage-Project CLIMATE SOLUTIONS-PEACH.
Collaborations with Thangadurai; Kibria; AM Hubert; Tutolo groups.  
4. Hydrogen systematics in the subsurface-study areas/ publications: microbes and hydrogen; hydrogen thermodynamics; radiolysis in the subsurface; caprocks and seals; natural hydrogen accumulations in the subsurface.
5. Biogeoarchaeology-origin of Hominins with Julio Mercader group
6. Biodegradation and stability of organic matter in subsurface reservoirs relevant to MVR and related CDR protocols-we did'nt write the book on subsurface biodegradation, but we did write lots of the papers!

Steve cofounded and was CEO, CSO of Gushor Inc.- a reservoir fluid characterization and technology company-now part of Schlumberger; cofounded, LysisLogic Inc, PEACH DACquiri Inc and others. Steve is interested in technologies for solving climate and energy challenges and ways of shortening timescales of delivery in academic and industrial invention and innovation domains.