Sid Gunamalai Prem Siddharth Gunamalai

Sid Gunamalai

Pronouns: He/Him


Industry Engagement

Office of the Vice President

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Office: 4032208688



Educational Background

MS Bioengineering,

Business Certificate Life Science Entrepreneurship,


Sid holds graduate degrees in Bioengineering from the University of Houston, Texas, USA and in Life Science Entrepreneurship from the Jones Business School of Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA. ​

Sid's expertise lies in industry-industry and industry-academia scientific and research partnerships. He has experience navigating the life science and healthcare research arenas in Canada and in the United States of America; working with industries, funding agencies, foundations, government and non-profits. He is widely experienced in neuroscience, oncology, bioengineering and biomedical engineering arenas. ​He has worked in industry, medical schools, research institutions, and in the biotech industry in Houston, Texas, USA and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada prior to his appointment at the University of Calgary.

Sid leads the Industry Engagement initiative in Health & Life Sciences and enables life sciences companies and institutions engage researchers at the university into various focussed and cross platform collaborative projects aiming to develop faster, more reliable advanced therapeutics and medical devices.