headshot of Ryan Schroeder

Ryan T. Schroeder, PhD

Pronouns: he/him


Postdoctoral Associate

Faculty of Kinesiology

Contact information


Educational Background

PhD Biomedical Engineering, University of Calgary & Edith Cowan University (cotutelle program), 2020

MSc Mechanical Engineering, Specialty in Dynamics and Controls, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2014

BSc Mechanical Engineering , University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2013


Areas of Research

Locomotion Energetics
Human-Machine Interfaces

Dr. Schroeder’s work investigates human locomotion responses to dynamic or novel environments. He uses trajectory optimization models that predict energetically efficient movement patterns to compare or contrast with empirical data on humans learning novel tasks. The ultimate goal of this work is to understand fundamental motivations for preferred movement patterns (e.g. energy minimization) in humans that can inform design of mechanical aides such as prosthetic limbs and exoskeletons.

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