Dr. Richa Pandey, Ph.D.

Richa Pandey

Assistant Professor

Schulich School of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Software Engineering

Assistant Professor

Schulich School of Engineering, Centre for Bioengineering and Education

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Office: ICT255

For graduate supervision, collaboration and industry partnership please send an email.

A graduate student position (MSc or PhD) is available in the lab of Dr. Richa Pandey in the Department of Electrical and Software Engineering and Centre for Bioengineering Research and Education at the University of Calgary. The graduate student will develop advanced sensing materials, devices and assays for wearable biosensing applications.

Please email your CV with a subject line “Graduate student application- NAME”.


Educational Background

Ph.D. Physical Electronics, Tel Aviv University, 2018


Dr. Richa Pandey completed her Ph.D. in Physical Electronics from Tel Aviv University in Israel. During her Ph.D., she was awarded Marie Skłodowska Curie Early-stage research Fellowship. In her Ph.D. She developed wearable sensor technology-“Chip-on-Plant” for precision agriculture application, which created a US based startup. After Ph.D., Richa joined the Department of Engineering Physics at McMaster University for postdoctoral research. Here she developed point of care molecular diagnostic tests for infectious disease such as COVID-19 and UTI, which are now licensed to Canadian companies. Her research interests lie in the area of wearable and bio-integrated technologies for healthcare applications. More specifically, she is interested in developing wearable molecular diagnostic platforms for early disease detection and management, fabricating high performance materials with unique surface morphology using a combination of printing and solution-based approach, and developing flexible electronic devices for tissue engineering and therapeutics applications.


  • Marie Sklodowska Curie Fellowship , Marie Sklodowska Curie Association.
  • Excellence Award , Marian Gertner Institute for Medical Nanosystems.
  • Food Security Fellowship , Manna Center for Food Safety and Security.

More Information

Dr. Pandey's  research lies at the interface of Materials Engineering, Life-sciences, and Electrical Engineering to develop bio-integrated electronic systems with a wide variety of applications such as healthcare, military, environment, and personal care. Our vision is to create disruptive technologies by using a multidisciplinary and translational approach to empower people. Dr. Pandey's lab is based at Centre for Bioengineering Research and Education- an interdisciplinary collection of faculties, engaged in advancing quality of life of people at University of Calgary. Please visit the labs website for more information on projects.


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