PHAS Profile Rachid Ouyed

Rachid Ouyed

Contact information

Web presence

Phone number

Office: +1 (403) 210-8418


Office: SB515


Educational Background

PhD Physics, McMaster University, 1996

MSc Physics, McMaster University, 1992

BSc , Uni of Sci and Tech HB, 1987


Areas of Research

Computational Physics/Astrophysics, Higher Energy Physics/Astrophysics


Course number Course title Semester
PHYS 581 Computational Physics III Winter
PHYS 613 Electrodynamics Winter


  • Outstanding Speaker Award (Josh Literary Society of Canada)), 2015
  • Teaching Excellence Nomination, 2015
  • Great Supervisor Award, 2014
  • SU Teaching Excellence Award, 2014
  • Banff International Research Station Grant, 2012
  • BIRS award on Quark-Nova research, 2012
  • Visiting professor award, 2009
  • University of Toronto (CITA) National PDF fellowship, 2008
  • Visiting professor award by the Ministere de lEducation Nationale, de la Recherche et de la Technologie, 2007


  • Quark-nova compact remnants: Observational signatures in astronomical data and implications to compact stars. Nico Koning**; Rachid Ouyed; Denis Leany; Zachary Shand*. (2018)
  • Simulating Hadronic-to-Quark-Matter with Burn-UD: Recent work and astrophysical applications. Rachid Ouyed; Luis Welbanks*; Nico Koning**; Amir Ouyed*. (2017)
  • Quark-novae in binaries: Observational signatures and implications to astrophysics. Rachid Ouyed; Denis Leahy; Nico Koning**; Jan E. Staff. (2018)