Portrait of Natalie Bakko

Natalie Bakko

Pronouns: she/her


Master of Arts Student (Thesis-based)

Faculty of Arts, Department of Geography

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Educational Background

Bachelor of Arts in Geography, University of Calgary, 2021

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, Alberta University of the Arts, 2013


Natalie Bakko is a Master of Arts student in Geography at the University of Calgary under the supervision of Dr. Marit Rosol. Her current research addresses the intersections of food insecurity and housing insecurity in Calgary.

Various international agreements state that a lack of adequate access to food or housing each constitutes a violation of human rights. Yet, these disparities are still often treated independently in approaches addressing poverty. Analysing the scope of actions through which, and levels at which, issues of access to food and housing are addressed in Calgary, by government and civil society, is key to understanding how greater social equality can be fostered in the city.

Natalie's interest in geography began in her last semester of art school. Where a class on Canadian landscapes got her thinking not only about interpretations of the land but concepts of place. This, combined with her interest in social justice and local food led her to the path that she is on now.