Dr. Michael Asmussen, PhD


Canada Research Chair in Neuromechanics and Human Physiology

Mount Royal University

Associate Member

McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health

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Dr. Michael Asmussen is the Canada Research Chair in Neuromechanics and Human Physiology and leads the Foot-Ankle Stability (FASt) Lab. His research program focusses on how the foot and ankle are essential for humans to walk and run. Although walking and running may seem like simple movements, the execution of these tasks is complex – and, for some, difficult – considering the coordination required across the nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems. When people experience a musculoskeletal or neural impairment that affects the foot and ankle, their ability to walk or run is severely compromised. Dr. Asmussen’s research seeks to understand the structure, function, and neural control of the foot and ankle during locomotion in healthy, injured, and diseased states. His research program is funded by an NSERC Discovery Grant (2021-2026). Understanding the foot and ankle’s role in locomotion is complicated by the fact that these structures are incredibly complex (e.g., 26 bones, 33 joints, 100+ ligaments, muscles, tendons)! To address this complexity, Dr. Asmussen uses a combination of biomechanical tools, physiological measures, computational modelling, and simulation techniques to answer his research questions. The end goal of this research program is to translate research outcomes into innovative healthcare solutions, including biofeedback systems and participant-specific bracing solutions aimed at improving stabilization of the foot and ankle and hence, a person’s ability to safely walk and run.


Areas of Research

Mobility & Locomotion

Dr. Michael Asmussen is interested in the role of the foot-ankle complex in stable locomotion and how we can use this information to keep people mobile throughout the lifecycle.