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Mark Machacek

PhD candidate (Simon Fraser University)
Pronouns: He/him


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Educational Background

Master of Arts Political Science, University of Calgary, 2013


Areas of Research

Global private authority and public-private partnerships, international law, international organizations, political economy

I am a current PhD candidate (Simon Fraser University) focusing on private authority in international relations. My dissertation research focused on the institutional configurations, practices and political relations of United Nations-business partnerships as they relate to their respective international regimes. 

More generally, my research interests revolve around the global political economy, private authority in global politics, private international law, human rights and global social justice, and the United Nations.


Course number Course title Semester
POLI 483 International Law Summer 2022
POLI 359 Introduction to Comparative Politics Spring 2022
POLI 481 Politics of Human Rights Spring 2022
POLI 283 Issues & Trends in World Politics Winter 2022
POLI 581 Special Topics in International Organization & Law: Private Authority Fall 2021
POLI 487 International Organization Fall 2021
POLI 381 Introduction to International Relations Fall 2021
POLI 279 Politics of the Global South Summer 2021


  • Interrogating the Private in Public School Outsourcing in Liberia. Curtis Riep & Mark Machacek. Hogan & Thompson 'Privatization and Commercialization in Public Education: Ho the Public Nature of Schooling is Changing'. 66 - 81. (2020)
  • Global Public-Private Partnerships and the New Constitutionalism of the Refugee Regime. Mark Machacek. Global Constitutionalism. 204 - 235. (2018)
  • International Institutions, Global 'Partnerships' and the Structural Power of Multinational Corporations: The UNHCR Case Study and a New Research Agenda. Mark Machacek. Potentia: Journal of International and Public Affairs. 76 - 95. (2017)
  • Schooling the Poor, Profitably: The Innovations and Deprivations of Bridge International Academies in Uganda. Curtis Riep & Mark Machacek. Education International. (2016)

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