Dr. Kati Pasanen

Kati Pasanen

Associate Professor

Faculty of Kinesiology

Full Member

McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health

Full Member

Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute

Media contacts

Leanne Yohemas - Director, Communications and Marketing, Faculty of Kinesiology. 



Educational Background

Ph.D. Injury Prevention, University of Tampere, 2009

M.Sc Health Sciences, University of Jyvaskyla, 2005

PT (B.Sc) Physiotherapy, Karelia University of Applied Sciences, 1999

Physical Education Instructor Physical education & Sport Coaching, Varala Sport Insitute, 1994


Areas of Research

Training strategies in sport injury prevention, Risk factors for sport injuries, Mechanisms of acute ankle and knee joint injuries

Participation in university strategic initiatives


Course number Course title Semester
KNES 372 LEC 01 01 Foundations of Sport Medicine Fall 2021
KNES 377 LEC 01 01 Sport Injury Prevention Winter 2020
KNES 503.55 Special Topics in Kinesiology (Sport Injury Prevention) Winter 2018
KNES 377 Sport Injury Prevention Winter 2019
KNES 377 Sport Injury Prevention Winter 2021
KNES 377 Sport Injury Prevention Winter 2022
KNES 372 Foundations of Sport Medicine Fall 2018
KNES 372 Foundations of Sport Medicine Fall 2019
KNES 372 Foundations of Sport Medicine Fall 2020
KNES 504.07 Directed Studies (Wearable Technology) Fall 2019
KNES 504.06 Directed Studies (3D Motion Capture) Fall 2019


  • Physiotherapist of the Year 2017, Finnish Association of Physiotherapists (FAP). 2017
  • Grade for Doctoral thesis - Approved with Honours, University of Tampere. 2009
  • The Sports Medicine Research Award of Finland 2008, Finnish Society of Sport Sciences. 2009


In the News

  • Overuse injuries in youth sports.. Helsingin Sanomat. (2018)
  • Neuromuscular training in sport injury prevention. Helsingin Sanomat. (2018)
  • UCalgary researcher passionate about this emergic sport, along with understanding ways to prevent injuries in all sport. UCalgary.ca. (2019)
  • Running related injuries in recreational runners. YLE 1 (TV channel). (2021)