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Dr. Jonathan Kertzer, Hon BA, PhD


Professor Emeritus

Faculty of Arts , Department of English


Educational Background

Honour B.A. English Literature, University of Toronto, 1968

Ph.D English Literature, Cambridge, 1972


Professional Description

I specialize in modern British literature – the first half of the twentieth century – and Canadian literature, with special attention to modernism and literary history.  I have written on poetics, fiction, and national literary history, as well as on rhetoric (rhetorical questions, the rhetoric of insult and intimacy).  An earlier book, "Poetic Argument," is concerned with the rationality of modernist poetics.  My next book, "Worrying the Nation," is devoted to the problem of imagining a national literary history in multicultural Canada.  My last book, "Poetic Justice and Legal Fictions," examines literary ethics and its formulations of justice as expressed in literary structures.  I have secondary interests in ethnic literature, especially Jewish, and in teaching Shakespeare.



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Selected Journal Articles - Peer Reviewed

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