John Robert Post

John Robert Post



Faculty of Science, Department of Biological Sciences

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Office: +1 (403) 220-6937


Educational Background

B.S. Biological Sciences, University of Toronto, 1980

Doctor of Philosophy Zoology, York University, 1987

M.S. Zoology, York University, 1984


Areas of Research


The primary goal of my research program is to understand the suite of processes that control growth and survival of juvenile fishes and lead to variability in recruitment into adult stocks. This "recruitment problem" is at the core of many issues in both basic and applied fisheries population biology and underlies the majority of research that my students and I are involved in. We use a combination of whole lake experiments, observations in nature, laboratory experiments and simulation models to explore these processes at a range of spatial and temporal scales.

Current foci include experimental studies aimed at understanding the importance of exploitative and interference competition and predation in size-structured fish populations. We are examining habitat choice and profitability, diet, growth rates, vulnerability to predation and survival rates of juveniles and adults in populations that vary in density and size-structure. We are also examining ontogenetic patterns in tradeoffs of energy allocation to somatic growth, storage for overwinter survival and reproduction. A key basic issue in this research is how we scale from individual behaviour and energetics to population level phenomena.

Applied studies include assessments of impacts of climate change on thermal behaviour, energetics and population dynamics of prairie and northern fishes. We are developing bioenergetic models to assess instream flow needs for riverine fishes. We are also examining the demography of collapse and recovery of harvested fish populations. We are using a large scale adaptive management experiment and models to optimize the management  of British Columbia Rainbow  and Lake Trout and anadromous stocks of Arctic Char in Nunavut.


Course number Course title Semester
ECOL 425 Quantitative Biology II Fall 2022
ECOL 439 Ecology of Populations Winter 2023


  • Best Paper of the Year Award, 2014
  • Community Engagement Award, 2014
  • "Noteworthy" Publication in Fisheries, 2014
  • Selected paper for "Foundations of Fishereis Science", 2014
  • Leibniz Institute Senior Fellowship, 2012
  • Best Paper of the Year in North American Journal of Fisheries Management, 2004


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