John Holash

Dr. John Holash

PhD, MSc.


Assistant Professor (Teaching)

Faculty of Kinesiology

Child Health & Wellness Researcher

Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute

Contact information

Phone number

Office: +1 (403) 220-7655


Educational Background

PhD Muscle Physiology, University of Calgary,

MSc Exercise Physiology, University of Calgary ,


About Dr. R.J. Holash

Dr. John Holash is a recognized expert in the fields of Exercise Physiology, Muscle Physiology, and Computational Biology, currently serving as an assistant professor at the University of Calgary in the Faculty of Kinesiology's Human Performance Lab. His commitment to understanding and optimizing human performance is deeply rooted in both his academic pursuits and personal experiences as an athlete an adventurer and a researcher.

From his early career as a ski instructor, backcountry guide, and canoe and kayaking guide, to his current status as a masters athlete in biathlon, Dr. Holash has consistently embraced a spirit of adventure and sport. A keen sailor and mountain biker, and an ardent competitor in adventure races, he has a firsthand understanding of the demands and joys of high-performance sports.

After honing his passion as an amateur competitive cyclist, Dr. Holash pursued a rigorous academic path, earning his Master's degree in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics, followed by his doctorate in Muscle Physiology and Computational biology. This blend of practical and theoretical knowledge allows him to bridge the gap between academic theory and real-world application, bringing a unique perspective to his work.


Areas of Research

Muscle Physiology
Exercise Physiology
Cardiac Physiology
Computerized Training and Sports

At the helm of his innovative research program, "The Digital Athlete Lab," Dr. Holash is pioneering the use of data and technology in the realm of fitness and health. His lab integrates diverse metrics from smart devices and apps to create a comprehensive model of the "digital athlete," with the goal of predicting, prescribing, and developing holistic health programs for individuals.

By harmonizing data, Dr. Holash's work aims to revolutionize personal fitness and wellness. His vision is to unlock the full potential of individualized training, health, and nutrition, leveraging digital technology to create a healthier, better-performing, and more informed athletic community.

The focus of Dr. Holash’s work is developing and modifying courses and instructional materials within the exercise physiology group leveraging new technologies, instruments and research for course delivery.

Join Dr. Holash on his journey as he continues to push the boundaries of what we know about human performance and how we can use data to improve our lives. His love for adventure, competition, and the great outdoors fuels his commitment to this groundbreaking work.


Course number Course title Semester
KNES 606 TUT 01 T01 Prac Skill App Exer Physiology 2021
KNES 213 LEC 01 01 IntroToResearchInKinesiology 2021
KNES 375 LAB 04 B04 Tests & Measurements In KNES 2021
KNES 213 LAB 01 B01 IntroToResearchInKinesiology 2021
KNES 375 LAB 03 B03 Tests & Measurements In KNES 2020
KNES 375 LAB 01 B01 Tests & Measurements In KNES 2021
KNES 375 LAB 02 B02 Tests & Measurements In KNES 2021