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Dr. Jeremy Fantl

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Phone number

Office: +1 (403) 220-5022


Educational Background

B.A. Philosophy, Brandeis University, 1992

Doctor of Philosophy Philosophy, Brown University, 2000

M.A. Philosophy, Brown University, 1996


Areas of Research


Participation in university strategic initiatives


  • The Limitations of the Open MInd. Oxford University Press. (2018)
  • Knowledge in an Uncertain World. Oxford University Press. (2009)
  • Entitlement and Misleading Evidence. Jeremy Fantl. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. (2022)
  • Fake News vs. Echo Chambers. Jeremy Fantl. Social Epistemology. 645-59. (2021)
  • Evidentialism as an Historical Theory. Jeremy Fantl. Australasian Journal of Philosophy. (2020)
  • Clarifying Pragmatic Encroachment: a Reply to Charity Anderson and John Hawthorne on Knowledge, Practical Adequacy, and Stakes. Jeremy Fantl and Matthew McGrath. Oxford Studies in Epistemology. (2019)
  • Mary Shepherd on Causal Necessity. Jeremy Fantl. Metaphysica. (2016)