Dr. Jacqueline Jenkins

Pronouns: (she/her)


Contact information

Phone number

Office: +1 (403) 220-5476


Educational Background

B.A.H. English Lang & Literature, Trent University, 1988

Doctor of Philosophy English Lang & Literature, University of Western Ontario, 1996

M.A. English Lang & Literature, Queen's University, 1989


My research and teaching address medieval performance and dramatic productions, practice-as-research, theatre and performance history, medieval manuscript and textual studies, women's literacy and literary habits, and the patronage, production and transmission of manuscripts for/by women in the late Middle Ages, especially the work of Margery Kempe and Julian of Norwich. My work resides in the broader interdisciplinary fields of performance studies and practice-as-research (PaR), feminism and gender studies, cultural, social and religious histories, codicology and book history. 

I am currently completing work on select medieval manuscript performance texts and PaR, and am preparing to direct two medieval plays in Toronto at the invitational York 2025 festival in June 2025 (U Toronto, PLS). I have two new research areas. The first, "Affect Tourism," investigates contemporary tourism of historic or medieval sites, performances and rituals, and the affective appeal of these sites and engagements. The second, "Extracting Beliefs" (with Mél Hogan, Queen's University) explores the relationships between conservatism/ religion, extractive industries, and ai/automation in some of Canada's rural towns.

I supervise projects in all areas of medieval literature as well as performance studies, especially in the areas listed in the research descriptions above. Recent graduate supervisions have focused on medieval dramatic texts, PaR, the York cycle, Margery Kempe and Julian Norwich and other women mystics and visionaries, devotional vernacular writing such as saints’ lives, manuscript studies, and contemporary re-enactments of medieval narratives and LARP. I have frequently co-supervised or served on supervisory committees for early modern projects and contemporary performance projects. If you are interested in discussing potential honours or graduate projects with me, I invite you to contact me directly at


Participation in university strategic initiatives


Course number Course title Semester
ENGL 203 Lec 02 Introductory English Literature Seminar Fall 2023
ENGL 333 Lec 01 Reading as/and Experiential Learning Fall 2023
ENGL 609.79 / 519.52 The Global Middle Ages BW 2024
ENGL 412 Early English Drama Winter 2024


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