Henry Leung

Henry Leung



Schulich School of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Software Engineering

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Educational Background

Bach of Math Mathematics, University of Waterloo, 1984

Doctorate in Electrical Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering, McMaster University, 1991

Master of Engineering Engineering Science, McMaster University, 1986

M.S. Mathematics, University of Toronto, 1985


Course number Course title Semester
ENEL 525 LEC 01 01 Machine Learning for Engineers 2020
ENEL 525 LAB 01 B01 Machine Learning for Engineers 2020


  • Teaching Achievement Award, Schulicj School of Engineering, University of Calgary. 2019
  • Research Achievement Award, The University of Calgary. 2019
  • Teaching Achievement Award, The University of Calgary. 2019
  • Fellow, IEEE, 2015
  • Outstanding Teaching Excellence in 2nd Year Electrical, Computer, Software and Geomatic Engineering, 2013
  • Best Student Paper in the Canadian Unmanned System Conference, 2011


  • A new FSII-CFAR detector based on fuzzy membership degree. 106460W1-10. (2018)
  • Information fusion of stock prices andsentiment in social media using Granger Causality. Henry KY Leung Professor. (2017)
  • Automatic coarse to fine registration of in vivo intravital microscopy images. Henry KY Leung Professor. (2017)
  • Velocity side lobe suppression method for frequency-agile coherent radar. 10.1109/ICSPCC.2018.. (2018)
  • A new optimization algorithm based on the behavior of brunsvigia flower. (2018)
  • Synthesis-analysis deconvolutional network forcompressed sensing. (2017)
  • Cognitive radar tracking performance enhancement via waveform optimization. Henry KY Leung Professor. (2019)
  • Non-rigid image feature matching by structure constraints. Henry KY Leung Professor. (2019)
  • Log-Euclidean metric for robust multi-modal deformable registration. (2017)
  • Tensor-based descriptor for image registration via unsupervised network. (2017)
  • Deep fusion of multiple networks for learning latent social communities. (2017)
  • Deep learning on temporal spectral data for anomaly detection. (2017)
  • Discovering second-order sub-structure associations in drug molecules for side-effect prediction. Henry KY Leung Professor. (2017)
  • Stitching images using RDHW based on multivariate student t-distribution. (2018)
  • Analysis of noise impact on distributed average consensus. (2018)
  • A kinect-based SLAM in an unknown environmentusing geometric features. Henry KY Leung Professor. (2017)
  • A new FSII-CFAR detector based on fuzzy membership degree. (2018)
  • Secure communication using ergodic chaotic parameter modulation. (2018)
  • Online video anomaly detection methodology with highly descriptive feature sets. Henry KY Leung Professor. (2019)
  • Building 2D maps with integrated 3D and visual informatino using kinect sensor. Henry KY Leung Professor. (2019)
  • A terrain-based comparison of chaos modulation in wireless acoustic sensor networks. (2017)
  • Chaotic OFDM system for secure multi-user communications. (2017)
  • An adaptive threshold deep learning method for fire and smoke detection. (2017)
  • Robotic companions for long term isolation space missions. (2018)
  • A survey on formal analysis on sequence learning methodologies and deep neural networks. H.Leung et al.. 1-8. (2018)
  • Joint registration of multiple point sets by preserving global and local structures. (2018)