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Hazel Lorraine Radtke



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Educational Background

PhD Psychology, Carleton University, 1981

MA Psychology, Carleton University, 1977

BA Honours Psychology, University of Calgary, 1974


Although I retired in July 2020, I have continued with a number of research collaborations and remain an active scholar within the field of feminist psychology. I am an Associate Editor for Feminism & Psychology, a Consultant to the Editor (on qualitative research) for Psychology of Women Quarterly, and a member of the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Women & Aging. I am also the Past Chair of the Section on Women & Psychology of the Canadian Psychological Association.


Areas of Research

Feminist Psychology, Psychology of Women and Gender, Violence Perpetrated Against Women, Older Women, Mothering, Qualitative Methods, Critical Discourse Analysis

My most recent research projects have focussed on: (a) assessing the efficacy of a sexual assault resistance education program designed specifically for first-year university women students; (b) studying the healing journey of women who have experienced intimate partner abuse and especially the experience of mothering in this context; and (c) the experiences of older women. All of my research is conducted within the framework of feminist psychology, and I am particularly interested in examining gender-related related research questions through the lens of critical discourse analysis. This entails a sensitivity to power relations. I am also engaged in exploring theoretical controversies and the implications of various conceptualizations of psychological phenomena within the field of psychology of women and gender.


  • Georgia Babladelis Best Psychology of Women Paper Award, Psychology of Women Quarterly. 2018


  • Work-life balance and the older working woman. Radtke, H.L., & Van Mens-Verhulst, J.. Older women who work: Resilience, choice, and change. Edited by E. Cole & L. Hollis-Sawyer. American Psychological Association. 133-152. (2020)
  • Countering rape culture with resistance education. Radtke, H.L., Barata, P.C., Senn, C.Y., Thurston, W.E., Hobden, K.L., Newby-Clark, I.R., & Eliasziw, M.. Violence interrupted: Confronting sexual violence on university campuses. Edited by D. Crocker, J. Minaker, & A. Nelund. McGill-Queen's University Press. ISBN 9780228001003. 349-370. (2020)