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Greg Knapp

Pronouns: he/him

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Office: MS464


Educational Background

PhD Mathematics, University of Oregon,

MS Mathematics, Case Western Reserve University,

BS Mathematics, Case Western Reserve University,

BA Philosophy, Case Western Reserve University,


Areas of Research

Thue Equations

I search for efficient bounds on the number of integer solutions to Thue equations.  My work has thus far focused on improving a counting technique often associated with the gap principle and I have concrete improvements for explicit bounds on the number of integer solutions to trinomial Thue equations.

Polynomial Root Separation

I am investigating bounds on the separation of a polynomial in terms of that polynomial's Mahler measure.  The separation of a polynomial is the minimum distance between two roots of that polynomial.  While lower bounds on the separation have been thoroughly studied, I focus on finding upper bounds on separation as a way to quantify how "uniform" the distribution of roots of polynomials with real coefficients is.


Course number Course title Semester
MATH 211 Linear Methods I Fall 2023


  • Anderson Graduate Teaching Award, University of Oregon Department of Mathematics. 2022