Cam Teskey

Professor Gordon Campbell Teskey




Cumming School of Medicine, Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy

Full Member

Hotchkiss Brain Institute

Child Health & Wellness Researcher

Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute

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Educational Background

BSc Zoology, University of Western Ontario, 1983

MSc Zoology, University of Western Ontario, 1985

PhD Physiological Psychology, University of Western Ontario, 1990


Areas of Research

NSERC-funded Activities

My NSERC-funded research program is directed toward understanding the functional organization of motor cortex. We work at the molecular, synaptic, cellular, systems and behavioural levels.

CIHR Activities

My CIHR-funded research program is primarily concerned with how seizures alter brain function. My laboratory has recently discovered that following a seizure the arterioles constrict in the brain areas involved in the seizure. This constriction leads to reduced blood flow and an oxygen debt which causes acute behavioural problems. We are exploring the consequences of this stroke-like event and have determined which biochemical pathways are involved. This has led to the identification of drugs that prevent the seizure-induced vasoconstriction and the downstream problems. This is important because epilepsy can be a fatal disease and we are in the process of identifying treatments which prevent seizure-induced death as well as the less severe but important behavioural impairments and brain dysfunction.

Participation in university strategic initiatives


Course number Course title Semester
Neur 321 How the brain works Fall 2023


  • Faculty of Graduate Studies GREAT Supervisor Award, 2018
  • McCaig-Killam Teaching Award, 2016
  • Faculty of Social Science Distinguished Teacher Award, 2006
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies Outstanding Achievement in Supervision, 2006
  • Student Union Teaching Excellence Award – Honourable Mention, 2005
  • Killam Resident Fellowship, 2001
  • Social Sciences Research Fellowship, 2000
  • Student Union Teaching Excellence Award, 1995

More Information


Kolb, B., Whishaw I.Q., Teskey G.C (2022) An Introduction to Brain and Behavior. 7th Edition, Worth, New York.