Glenn Wilkinson in his office

Dr. Glenn Wilkinson, FRSHist


Honours Program Coordinator

Faculty of Arts , Department of History

Contact information

Phone number

Office: +1 (403) 220-6405


Office: SS646



Educational Background

B.A. History, University of Calgary, 1986

Doctor of Philosophy History, University of Lancaster, 1994


Areas of Research

Modern British Military and Film History

I am interested in examining the images of war and cultural aspects of the military in Britain through British feature films, 1945-1960.  

British Film and Espionage

I am working on an article that examines the depiction of espionage in the 1930s through British spy films.  


Course number Course title Semester
HTST 201 Lec 01 History of Europe Fall 2022
HTST 381 lec 01 Military History: The Era of Revolutionary War and Total War Fall 2022
HTST 593 Sem 01 Utopias Fall 2022
HTST 202 Lec 01 Introduction to Military History Winter 2023
HTST 383 Lec 01 Military History: The Cold War Era and Beyond Winter 2023
HTST 495 Lec 01 Film and History Winter 2023


  • Ignitor, University of Calgary . 2017
  • Fellow, Royal Historical Society, 2009