George Colpitts

Dr. George William Colpitts


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Office: +1 (403) 220-6427

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Educational Background

B.A. History, University of Calgary, 1990

Doctor of Philosophy History, University of Alberta, 2000

M.A. History, University of Calgary, 1993


Areas of Research

Environmental and Animal History

As an environmental historian, I explore the history of human relations around trade, exchange and cultural encounter, with related interests in human encounters within the wild world: how the meaning of wildlife has changed in time, and how humanity has interacted with, found inspiration in, and frequently commodified in trade the wild things around them. My projects focus on the fur trade and fur industry, modernity and animals, the North, Indigenous history, parks, and sports hunting and angling.

Business History

My research interrogates the business of the fur trade, particularly the Hudson's Bay Company in its long history, company bookkeeping and credit traditions, and the nature of the "industrialized" fur trade of the twentieth century to the modern day. 

Northern History

I am interested in the commercial development of Subarctic and Arctic Canada, particularly in the expansion of trade, cash purchases of seal, polar bear pelts and "development" R&D in resource expansion. 

Participation in university strategic initiatives


  • Best Article Prize 2023 for “Murder, Death, and Suicide at the Zoo: Revisiting Anthropomorphic Stories of Quebec’s Captive Polar Bears, 1936-58.” , Canadian Historical Review. 2024
  • Runner-Up of Six, International Essay Competition, "History Lessons for Managers Coping with Impact of Covid-19", University of Liverpool, 2020
  • Avie Bennett Historica Canada Public Lecture in Canadian History, Historica Foundation of Canada. 2019
  • Eakin Fellowship, McGill Institute for the Study of Canada. 2017
  • Faculty of Arts Award - Research - Established, 2015
  • Robert F. Heizer Prize, American Society for Ethnohistory. 2013
  • 2010 Frederick C. Luebke Award for Outstanding Scholarship, Great Plains Quarterly. 2010


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