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Dr. Fiona Nelson



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Educational Background

Doctor of Philosophy Sociology, University of Alberta, 2005

M.A. Sociology, University of Calgary, 1992

B.A. Hons Sociology, University of Calgary, 1988


Areas of Research

Sex, Gender and Sexual Identities; Popular Culture of Childhood and Youth; Lesbian Motherhood/Lesbian Families; New Motherhood; Family Studies; Feminist Activism;

Participation in university strategic initiatives


Course number Course title Semester
Soci 504/677 Seminar in Sociology of Gender Relations Winter 2023


  • Nomination - GSA Supervisory Excellence Award, 2013
  • placement on recognition wall, University of Calgary, 2011
  • Killam Resident Fellowship, 2006
  • U of C Students' Union Teaching Excellence Award, 2003


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