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Interim Dean

Faculty of Law


Faculty of Law

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Marian Georgy
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Educational Background

PhD Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, 2007

LLM University of Alberta, 2002

LLM University of Lagos, 1991

LLB (Honours) Obafemi Awolowo University, 1987


Evaristus Oshionebo joined the University of Calgary's Faculty of Law in 2013. He won the Students' Union Teaching Excellence Award, University of Calgary in 2014, a rarity for professors in their first year at an institution. The award honours faculty members and instructors for their commitment to student success. In 2017, Oshionebo was awarded the ‘GREAT Supervisor Award’ by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Calgary.

Prior to joining the University of Calgary, he was a tenured Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba. In 2013, he won the University of Manitoba/University of Manitoba Faculty Association Merit Award for Excellence in Teaching, as well as the Students' Teacher Recognition Award for outstanding teaching. Prior to his academic career, Oshionebo practiced law in Nigeria specializing in corporate and commercial litigation. He was also Deputy Editor of a number of Law Reports including the Supreme Court of Nigeria Law Reports, the Nigerian Weekly Law Reports, and the Commercial Law Reports Quarterly.

Oshionebo is the Co-Editor of the Asper Review of International Business and Trade Law.

Research Activities


Oshionebo’s research focuses primarily on the law and policy governing extraction and mining of natural resources.

His book, Mineral Mining in Africa: Legal and Fiscal Regimes (London: Routledge, 2020) engages in a comparative analysis of the legal and fiscal frameworks for hard rock mining in several African countries. It covers topics such as acquisition of mineral rights; types of mineral rights; legal nature of mineral rights; rights and obligations of mineral right holders; fiscal regimes including royalty and tax regimes; surface rights and compensation; resource nationalism in the African mining industry; management and utilization of mining revenues including benefit-sharing arrangements between mining companies and host communities; and sustainable exploitation of mineral resources.

His earlier book, Regulating Transnational Corporations in Domestic and International Regimes: An African Case Study (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2009) examines the range of strategies for regulating transnational corporations in Africa's extractive industries. He has also written and published several articles on sustainable extraction of natural resources as well as the relationship between extractive companies and host communities.

In addition to his work on natural resources, Oshionebo researches and publishes on corporate responsibility, corporate governance, regulation of transnational corporations, sustainable development, international investment law, and intellectual property law.


Areas of Research

Law and policy governing extraction and mining of natural resources, Mining law, Oil and gas law, Corporate responsibility, Corporate governance, Regulation of transnational corporations, Sustainable development, International investment law, Intellectual property law


  • GREAT SUPERVISOR AWARD, Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Calgary. 2017
  • Teaching Excellence Award , Students' Union, University of Calgary. 2014


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