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Edwin Cey

Pronouns: he/him

Contact information

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Phone number

Office: +1 (403) 220-8393


Office: ES220


Educational Background

Ph.D. Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Waterloo, 2008

M.Sc. Earth Science, University of Waterloo, 1997

B.Eng. Engineering, University of Saskatchewan, 1993


Areas of Research


My research seeks to improve our understanding of the hydrologic processes controlling water and contaminant movement in the shallow subsurface, using a combination of field, laboratory, and numerical techniques.  Students are focusing on areas such as preferential flow, frozen soils, microbial transport, and groundwater-surface water interactions.


Course number Course title Semester
GLGY 701 Advanced Independent Study Fall
GLGY 703 Readings in Geology Fall


  • Great Supervisor Award, Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Calgary. 2018
  • Early Career Teaching Excellence Award, Faculty of Science, University of Calgary. 2016
  • Department of Geoscience Teaching Excellence Award, 2015
  • Department of Geoscience Teaching Excellence Award, 2012
  • Nominated for SU Teaching Excellence Award, 2010
  • Governor General's Gold Medal, 2008
  • W.B. Pearson Medal, 2008
  • NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship (declined), 2007


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  • Variation in flow to tile drains under changing hydrologic conditions. Bentley, L.R.; M.V.* Callaghan; Headley, J.V.; Wilkinson*, A.P.. (2011)
  • Multitracer study of flow to tile drains in irrigated macroporous soil. J.M.* Bishop; Bentley, L.R.; Callaghan*, M.V.. (2010)
  • Investigation of groundwater flow paths during leaching of salt-affected soil. M.V.* Callaghan; Bentley, L.R.; Bishop*, J.. (2010)
  • Pilot scale tracer study to investigate the efficiency of a drip irrigation and tile drainage system for salt remediation. Young, M.A.; J.* Bishop; J. V. Headley; Cey, E.. (2010)
  • Salinity and sodicity effects on soil hydraulic properties during remediation by salt leaching. B.N.* Hiebert; Headley, J.V.; Cey, E.; Callaghan*, M.V.. (2010)
  • Integrated use of EM-surveys, push tool conductivity profiling, and soil salinity sampling for improved delineation of salt-affected soils. Young, M.A.; J. V. Headley; Bentley, L.R.; M.V.* Callaghan. (2009)
  • Vadose zone dynamics governing snowmelt infiltration and groundwater recharge in a seasonally frozen, semi-arid landscape. Hayashi, M.; LeBlanc*, F.; A.* Mohammed. (2016)
  • Vadose zone dynamics governing snowmelt infiltration and depression-focused recharge in prairie landscapes. Cey, E.; A.* Mohammed; M. Hayashi. (2017)
  • Characterizing uncertainty in electrical resistivity tomography images due to subzero temperature variability. Cey*, E.; A. Pidlisecky; T. Herring. (2017)
  • Land use and topographic effects on near-surface saturated hydraulic conductivity and soil properties in southern Alberta. A.* Muenchrath; Cey, E.. (2019)
  • Exploring transport dynamics of “new” and “old” tracers under varying hydrologic conditions in structured soils. J.* Bishop; Callaghan*, M.; Cey., E.. (2016)
  • Developing an interdisciplinary surveillance system methodology for waterborne pathogens in groundwater using a One Health approach. Popadynetz, J.; Chui, L.; Gow, S.; Checkley, S.; Louie, M.; Jamal, I.; M. Trigo; Neumann, N.; Valeo., C.. (2016)
  • Non-point or multi-point? Capturing spatial and temporal variation of groundwater nitrate contamination to inform soil and crop management.. Cey, E.; S. Loo; Zebarth., B.J.. (2015)
  • Assessing transport of in situ and applied tracers in partially saturated, macroporous soil under varying irrigation rates. E. Cey; Callaghan*, M.; Mikulic*, D.. (2015)
  • Assessing water quality, microbial risks and waterborne pathogens in rural Alberta using a One Health framework. Pintar, K.; Pang, X.; Hall, D.; Gow, S.; S. Checkley; Lee, B.; Chui, L.; Nakaska, J.; Valeo, C.. (2015)
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  • Multi-rate solute transport processes in low permeability glacial deposits. M.V.* Callaghan; Bentley, L.R.; Bishop*, J.M.. (2011)

In the News

  • Bacterial contaminated surface water affecting groundwater quality. CBC Radio One Homestretch program - Jennifer Blair article. (2011)