Don Morris

Dr. Don Morris, MD, PhD, FRCPC


Department Head

Cumming School of Medicine, Department of Oncology


Cumming School of Medicine, Department of Medicine


Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute

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Office: 403.521.3701

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Lori Wishart


Office: 403.521.3701


Educational Background

B.S. Biochemistry, Queen's University, 1984

M.S. Immunology, Queen's University, 1987

Doctor of Philosophy Immunology, Queen's University, 1990

Doctor of Medicine Medicine, University of Calgary, 1992


Dr. Morris began in 1997 as a Medical Oncologist at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre after completing his residency in Calgary. He obtained his MD from the University of Calgary in 1992 after completing a PhD in Immunology at Queen’s University in 1989. He was a founding member and senior staff scientist in the TBCC Translational Laboratories since 2001 and in 2011 took on the role of Director of the TBCC Translational Laboratories, which he held until 2019. 

His research has been focused on preclinical and clinical models of oncolytic viruses in the treatment of various cancers. In March of 2020 he accepted the position of Dept Head, Dept of Oncology, Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary, Facility Medical Director of the TBCC, and the Medical Lead of the New Calgary Cancer Centre. He is also an Associate Senior Medical Director of CancerCare Alberta, Alberta Health Services. 

Dr. Morris has authored over 100 peer reviewed manuscripts and has been PI on multiple research grants over the years and is currently CIHR funded.  He is active in the Lung Tumor Site and let the Lung Tumor Group from 2007-2013. He has been a leader in the realm of Education as well, being Program Director of the Medical Oncology Training Program and Director of Oncology Education Programs from 2000-2005.


Areas of Research

Area of Focus
  • Development of novel cancer therapeutics
  • Oncolytic viruses
  • Immunotherapeutics
  • Strategies for graft engineering during autologous transplantation
Summary of Research

Dr. Morris' work has been funded by the National Cancer Institute of Canada, Canadian Cancer Research Institute, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Canadian Institute of Health Research and the Alberta Cancer Foundation. His clinical areas of expertise include musculoskeletal and thoracic malignancies.



  • award, Pfizer Oncology. 2013
  • award, 2011
  • Best Doctors in Canada, 2010
  • Nomination for Candian Cancer Society - O Harold Warwick Award, 2010
  • award, Canadian Cancer Society. 2009
  • commendation, Best Doctors in Canada. 2009
  • Nomination for Candian Cancer Society - O Harold Warwick Award, 2009
  • Best Doctors in Canada, 2008
  • Best Doctors in Canada, 2007
  • Clinical Investigator of the year - Tom Baker Cancer Centre, 2007
  • Distinction, 2007
  • Distinction, 2006
  • award, 2005
  • Best Teachers, University of Calgary Website, 2005
  • Distinction, 2005
  • Petro Canada - Prostate Cancer Research Foundation Award, 2005
  • Watanabe Distinguished Achievement Award for Overall Excellence, Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary, 2005
  • Department of Oncology, Tom Baker Cancer Centre Award for Overall Excellence, 2004
  • Distinction, 2004
  • Distinction, 1996
  • award, 1992
  • Distinction, 1991
  • Distinction, 1989
  • Distinction, 1987
  • Distinction, 1972