Dr. Diwakar Krishnamurthy PhD

Dr. Diwakar Krishnamurthy, PhD, PEng.

Pronouns: he/him/his



Schulich School of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Software Engineering

Child Health & Wellness Researcher

Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute

Parex Resources Innovation Fellow (2023-25)

Schulich School of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Software Engineering

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Office: +1 (403) 220-8129


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Learning opportunities

I am looking for graduate students interested in exploring how AR/VR/wearable technologies can be used to help neurodiverse individuals. Excellent programming skills and HCI experience will be assets.


Educational Background

Bachelor of Eng Electrical Engineering, Madurai Kamaraj University, 1995

Doctor of Philosophy Electrical Engineering, Carleton University, 2004

Master of Engineering Electrical Engineering, Carleton University, 1998


Areas of Research

The ETHEREAL Project - Enhancing Autistic Voices Through Extended Reality


UToday video on HoloBoard


Community support and cognitive science help flourish non-speaking autistics (talk by Dr. Vikram Jaswal at the Rethinking Autism for the 21st Century Symposium, April , 2023)

Interactive AR Applications for Nonspeaking Autistic People? - A Usability Study (talk at ACM CHI, April 2023)

Selected demos

Augmented Reality and Autism - Overview Video

HoloBoard - Holographic Typing Training System for Nonspeaking Autistic People

HoloType (version 1) - Lived Experience Based Communication Training System for Nonspeaking Autistic People


Performance optimization of next generation multimedia systems (XR and related technologies)
Performance management of cloud, big data, and IoT systems
Software performance engineering


Course number Course title Semester
ENSF 603 LEC 01 01 Model & Measure Software Perf 2022
SENG 550 LAB 01 B01 Scalable Data Analytics 2022
SENG 550 LEC 01 01 Scalable Data Analytics 2022


Next Generation Communication Technology for Nonspeaking Autistic People

Funded by SSHRC, NSERC, and Alberta Innovates. Joint work with Dr. V. K. Jaswal (University of Virginia) and Dr. Mea Wang (University of Calgary)

Resource Management in Beyond 5G Networks

co-PI of project funded by NSERC and Alberta Innovates. (PI - Dr. Abraham Fapojuwo)

Performance Management of Software Systems in the Cloud Era

PI of research program funded by NSERC.

Quality of Experience of Extended Reality (XR) Applications over 5G Networks

co-PI of project funded by MITACS and Telus (PI - Dr. Frank Maurer; co-PIs - Dr. Hatem Abou-Zeid; Dr. Mea Wang; Dr. Richard Zhao)



Dr. Lorans Alabood

Current students


Sarah Shah (co-supervisor: Dr. Yasaman Amannejad)

Niloofar Sharifi (co-supervisor: Dr. Yasaman Amannejad)

Kyle Otto Jorgensen (co-supervised, supervisor: Dr. Mea Wang)


Quinn Cooper (co-supervisor: Dr. Yasaman Amannejad

Ali Shahidi (co-supervisor: Dr. Mea Wang)

Sujesh Padhi (co-supervisor: Dr. Abraham Fapojuwo)

Travis Dow

Hadi Heidarirad (co-supervised, supervisor: Dr. Mea Wang)

Reet Ghosh (co-supervised, supervisor: Dr. Mea Wang)

Sampreet Vaidya (co-supervised, supervisor: Dr. Hatem Abou-Zeid)