David Eaton

Dr. David Eaton

Pronouns: he/him

Contact information

Phone number

Office: +1 (403) 220-4233
mobile: +1 (403) 966-3268


Office: ES214


Educational Background

PhD Geophysics, The University of Calgary, 1992

MSc Geophysics, University of Calgary, 1988

BSc Geology and Physics, Queen's University at Kingston, 1984


Professor David Eaton was appointed 2015-2020 as NSERC/Chevron Industrial Research Chair in Microseismic System Dynamics in the Department of Geoscience at the University of Calgary. Together with graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, his work focuses primarily on advancement of research, education and technological innovations in microseismic methods and their practical applications for resource development, with a secondary focus on the deep lithospheric structure of continents. In 2007, he rejoined the University of Calgary as Head of the Department of Geoscience, after an 11-year academic career at the University of Western Ontario. His postdoctoral research experience included work at Arco’s Research and Technical Services (Plano, Texas) and the Geological Survey of Canada (Ottawa). He has recently published a textbook on Passive Seismic Monitoring of Induced Seismicity. His work has been recognized by several major awards including the J. Tuzo Wilson medal from the Canadian Geophysical Union and a 2020 NSERC Synergy Award for Innovation.


Areas of Research

Microseismic Monitoring
Induced Seismicity
Distributed Acoustic Sensing
Physics-Informed Machine Learning
Lithospheric Structure
Interdisciplinary Education

My current research focuses on induced earthquakes, characterizing microseismic activity associated with enhanced hydrocarbon recovery, as well as seismicity and structure of the Earth’s lithosphere. These projects seek to develop improved technology for surveillance of hydraulic fracturing as well as understanding the architecture and geological evolution of continents.

I have developed and taught courses that include Introduction to Passive Seismic Monitoring of Induced Seismicity, Disruptive Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Geoscience, Responsible Development of Low Permeability Hydrocarbon Resources. I have also taught large classes such as Introduction to Geophysics and Natural Hazards.


Course number Course title Semester
GOPH 509 Independent Study Fall
GOPH 667 Introduction to Passive Seismic Monitoring Winter
GOPH 701 Advanced Independent Study Winter


  • NSERC Synergy Award of Excellence for Innovation, 2020
  • J. Tuzo Wilson Medal, Canadian Geophysical Union. 2020
  • Distinguished Lecturer, CSEG . 2019
  • Distinguished Collaborator, Schulich School of Engineering. 2019
  • Established Career Research Award, Faculty of Science . 2017
  • Co-recipient of David Elliot Prize for Best paper in Canadian Structure and Tectonics, 2016
  • Great Supervisor, Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Calgary. 2016
  • Department of Geoscience Research Award, University of Calgary. 2015
  • Discovery Accelerator Award, NSERC. 2011
  • Faculty Scholar, University of Western Ontario. 2007
  • Premier's Research Excellence Award, Province of Ontario. 2000


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  • Insights from the joint interpretation of dense array observations and 3D multicomponent seismic: The ToC2ME experiment, Fox Creek, AB. Banff 2018 International Induced Seismicity Workshop.. D. W. Eaton. (2018)

More Information



DW Eaton, 2018. Passive seismic monitoring of induced seismicity: Fundamental principles and application to energy technologies. Cambridge University Press.

Edited book

DW Eaton, B Milkereit, MH Salisbury (editors), 2003. Hardrock seismic exploration. Society of Exploration Geophysicists.

Recent Book chapters

DW Eaton, 2020. Seismicity Induced by the Development of Unconventional Oil and Gas Resource. In: J Stoltz, WM Griffin, and DJ Bain (editors), Environmental Impacts from the Development of Unconventional Oil and Gas Reserves, Cambridge University Press (in press). Invited review article.

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