Headshot. Caucasian male in a navy sweater and maroon shirt.

David Barrett

Pronouns: He/Him

Contact information


Office: BI376


Educational Background

PhD Geography, University of Victoria,

MSc Geography, University of Regina,


David's current research focus is on under-ice ecology of lake systems, with a focus on ice cover properties and its influence on primary producers. Alongside my research, I also manage the Aquatic Ecology lab, where we undertake a wide range of research including looking at the impact of municipal wastewater on the basal food web of the Bow River, a number of different project in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region, and other cold-regions aquatic research.


Course number Course title Semester
ECOL 425 Quantitative Biology II Fall 2023
GEOG 204 Global Environmental Change Spring 2023
GEOG 308 Climate and Ecosystems Fall 2023
BIOL 315 Quantitative Biology I Winter 2024
ENSC 505 Special Problems in ENSC Winter 2024