Claudia Gomes da Rocha

Claudia Gomes da Rocha


Full Member

Hotchkiss Brain Institute

Contact information

Phone number

Office: 403.220.7023


Office: SB537


Educational Background

PhD Physics, Fluminense Federal University, 2005

MSc. Physics, Fluminense Federal University, 2001

BSc.E. Physics, Fluminense Federal University, 2004

BSc. Physics, Fluminense Federal University, 2000


Areas of Research

Theoretical condensed matter physics
Neuromorphic systems and brain-inspired technologies
Materials science and nanoscience
Quantum materials and sensing
Complex systems

My research program at the University of Calgary addresses key problems related to (nano)materials and quantum science, but it also assumes an interdisciplinary character, touching the boundaries of complexity science, computer science, and neuroscience. My works aim at investigating non-conventional nanomaterials engineered for specific technological applications: (i) neuromorphic (brain-like) systems viewed as next-generation computing devices that process information like neurons in a mammalian brain, (ii) transparent conducting films to enhance durability in existing touch screens and flexible display technologies, (iii) molecular chemical sensors for accurate detection of chemical impurities in the environment, and (iv) quantum materials to enable the quantum technologies of the future in photonics and energy, electronics, sensing, computing and information, and metrology.

Participation in university strategic initiatives


Course number Course title Semester
PHYS 381 Computational Physics I
PHYS 611 Statistical Physics
PHYS 605 Advanced Data Analysis
PHYS 223 Introductory Electromagnetism, and Thermal Physics


  • Irish Research Council Laureate Awards, Irish Research Council. 2019
  • Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. 2009