Christophe Altier

Dr. Christophe Altier



Cumming School of Medicine, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology

Full Member

The Calvin, Phoebe and Joan Snyder Institute for Chronic Diseases

Full Member and Chair

Inflammation Research Network

Associate Member

Hotchkiss Brain Institute

Child Health & Wellness Researcher

Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute

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Office: +1.403.220.7549
Lab: +1.403.220.3696


Office: HSC 1665
Lab: HSC 1604


Educational Background

Ph.D. Neurobiology, University of Montpellier, 2002

M.Sc. Neurobiology, University of Montpellier, 1999

M.Sc. Physiology, University of Montpellier, 1997


Areas of Research

Our research focus is on the neurobiology of pain, with a particular interest in understanding the plasticity of specialized sensory neurons (nociceptors) in chronic diseases (i.e arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or cancer).

By combining diverse techniques, including molecular biology, RNAscope in human sample biopsies, genetically modified mice, chemogenetics, and behavioral analysis in clinically relevant mouse models of pathological pain, we investigate the signaling pathways that mediate pain or promote its resolution. The goal of our research is to make discoveries on novel pain biomarkers and signal transducers that contribute to pain chronification and could be targeted for treatments. Our lab also uses interdisciplinary approaches in germ free and gnotobiotic mouse models to uncover the role of bacteria and their metabolites in pain sensitivity.


More Information

Valerie Ho
4th year Project Student

Aye Ozmaeian
MSc Student

Nasser Abdullah
PhD Candidate

Mélissa Cuménal, PhD
Postdoctoral Associate

Manon Defaye, PhD
Postdoctoral Associate

Amyaouch Bradaia, PhD
Research Associate

Barbara Chyz
HSC 1663