Chris Roberts (left) with Chief Michael Fonkem, a traditional leader from Cameroon who is also a professor in the USA

Chris W J Roberts

MSS, PhD (abd)
Pronouns: he/him


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Educational Background

PhD (abd) Political Science, University of Alberta,

MSS Military, Security, and Strategic Studies, University of Calgary,

BA History and Political Science, University of Victoria,


I'm President of African Access Consulting (est. 1995) and I've taught as a sessional instructor in political science at the University of Calgary since 2014. Prior to returning to university for graduate work, research, and teaching, I worked on Canada-Africa commercial, policy, and development projects as a consultant to government, international organizations, and companies for over fifteen years. In 2000, I helped the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (now GAC) write its first ever “Africa Trade Strategy.” I was also a founding director of the Canadian Council on Africa in 2002 and served as its Western Canada Vice-President until 2009. Since 1994, for project work or research, I've travelled to fourteen countries across the African continent, some multiple times including Nigeria, Ghana, and Tanzania. My scholarly research and writing focuses on Canadian foreign policy & international intervention in Africa, African comparative politics and political economy including extractive industries, and the security-development-governance nexus, with a regional focus on West-Central Africa. Since 2018, I've researched, written, and spoken extensively on the multiple crises afflicting Cameroon, keeping an independent, external perspective that seeks out facts while promoting pathways towards peace, justice, and democracy. Twitter: @cwjroberts (Photo: Chris Roberts (left) with Chief Michael Fonkem, a traditional leader from Cameroon who is also a professor in the USA)


Areas of Research

African politics, development, security / Canadian and international intervention in Africa


Course number Course title Semester
POLI 359 Intro to Comparative Politics Fall 2022
POLI 371 Government & Politics of Africa Fall 2022
POLI 381 Intro to International Relations Fall 2022
POLI 579 Political Economy of Development (Seminar) Fall 2022