Carlo Maria Scandolo

Dr. Carlo Maria Scandolo


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Office: 403-220-3939


Office: MS320


Educational Background

DPhil Quantum foundations and information theory, University of Oxford, 2018

MSc (Hons) Physics, Galilean School of Higher Education - University of Padua, 2015

MSc Theoretical Physics, University of Padua, 2014

BSc Physics, University of Padua, 2012


Carlo Maria Scandolo graduated from the University of Padua, Italy, with a BSc in physics in 2012, and an MSc in theoretical physics in 2014. His master's thesis was on entanglement in general probabilistic theories, under Giulio Chiribella's external supervision. While at the University of Padua, Carlo Maria was also part of the Galilean School of Higher Education, a school of excellence, admitting each year 14 top students from freshers are the Faculty of Science, and providing enhanced university education. After graduating from the University of Padua, Carlo Maria spent a year at Tsinghua University, Beijing, continuing work and research with Giulio Chiribella. In 2015, he was admitted to a DPhil (Oxford PhD) at the University of Oxford, working on quantum information and foundations under Jonathan Barrett's supervision. He graduated in 2018, with a doctoral thesis on the informational foundations of thermodynamics in general probabilistic theories. Carlo Maria joined the University of Calgary in 2018 as a postdoctoral associate, working with Gilad Gour and Barry Sanders on resource theories for quantum information and beyond, with applications even to genetic regulation. From September 2020 to June 2023, Carlo Maria was assistant professor, and since July 2023 he has been associate professor at the Department of Mathematics & Statistics and at the Institute for Quantum Science and Technology.


Areas of Research

Quantum information theory, Quantum resource theories, Quantum foundations


Course number Course title Semester
MATH 211 Linear Methods I Fall 2024
MATH 211 Linear Methods I Winter 2024
MATH 307 Complex Analysis I Winter 2024


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