Brittany Harker Martin (Dr. Britt)

Dr. Brittany Harker Martin

Pronouns: She, Her


Associate Professor

Arts Education & Leadership

Associate Member

Hotchkiss Brain Institute

Associate Member

Mathison Centre for Mental Health Research and Education

Contact information

Phone number

Office: 403. 220.4221

For media enquiries, contact

Clayton MacGillivray
Content and Media Specialist

Twitter: @UCalgaryEduc



Certificate - Fundamentals of Neuroscience -1, HARVARDx University, 2021

Educational Background

PhD Strategy and Global Management, beta gamma sigma, University of Calgary, 2012

BEd Arts Education, with distinction, University of Regina, 1997


I am an Arts Education Specialist with a PhD in Business (AACSB). My work is situated at the intersection of Arts, Leadership, and Learning and I tend to gravitate towards inter-and-transdisciplinary projects working to solve complex, societal challenges. My strengths are in generating new conceptual frameworks for understanding phenomena, and testing them through psychometrics and neuroscientific methods (fNIRS, EEG). To date this includes designing models for increasing engagement through Socially Empowered Learning, fostering innovative teaching through Artistic Intelligence (AQ), and promoting mental health in schools through Brain Smoothies (art-based exercises that provide a mental break, foster focus, and energize the mind). In a distinctive twist, I also employ A/R/Tographic and Art-Based Research methods in my undergraduate courses and enjoy this philosophical flip into phenomenological ways of knowing.

My doctoral studies focused on the remote workplace through a behavioural strategic/economic lens. I served for several years as Director of the Werklund Youth Leadership Centre, and have lead high-profile collaborations that include: the Harvard Leadership Institute, Stanford’s Gardner Centre for Youth, the Rozsa Foundation, Royal Conservatory of Music, and Alberta Health Services.

Currently, I am focused on research studying the relationship between art, brain, and cognition and am an Associate Member of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, and the Mathison Centre for Mental Health Research and Education. I have a passion for Teaching and Learning, with extensive experience teaching in class and on-line, and am regularly invited to lead speak with large, international audiences around the world.



Areas of Research

  • Art, Brain and Cognition
  • Mental Health Capacity in Schools
  • Socially Empowered Learning
  • Arts Integration
  • Arts Education Specializations (Art, Dance, Drama, Music)
  • School Culture & Collaboration


  • Werklund School of Education Teaching Award Nominee, 2017
  • Outstanding Paper 2013, Emerald Publishing, 2013
  • Beta Gamma Sigma Honours Society Inductee, 2012
  • Science Breakthrough of the Year Award Finalist - Art & Mental Health, Falling Walls International Science Platform. 2020


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