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Bernhard Mayer

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Office: +1 (403) 220-5389


Office: EA506A
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Educational Background

Doctor of Philosophy Geology & Related, Ludwig-Maximilian Un-Munrich, 1993

M.S. Geology & Related, Ludwig-Maximilian Un-Munrich, 1987

B.S. Geology & Related, Ludwig-Maximilian Un-Munrich, 1984


Course number Course title Semester
GLGY 505 Contaminant Hydrogeology Winter
GLGY 609 Advanced Contaminant Hydrogeology Winter
GLGY 663 Applications of Stable Isotopes Winter


  • Killam Annual Professor, University of Calgary. 2017
  • Research Excellence Award, UofC Faculty of Science, UofC Faculty of Science. 2009


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