Aru Narendran

Dr. Aru Narendran




Cumming School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics


Cumming School of Medicine, Department of Oncology

Child Health & Wellness Researcher

Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute


Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute

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Phone number

Office: 403.210.6418
Lab: 403.210.6402

Preferred method of communication

Karen Fandrey


Office: 403.955.7272


Educational Background

B.S. Biochemistry, East London Polytechnic, 1980

Doctor of Medicine Medicine, McMaster University, 1995

Doctor of Philosophy Immunology, Arizona State University, 1988

M.S. Immunology, University of Bath, 1982


Dr. Narendran has undergraduate and graduate degrees in Biochemistry and Immunology respectively, PhD in Neuroimmunology and a postdoctoral fellowship training in cancer biology from the Ontario Cancer Institute (OCI). His medical training were from McMaster University (MD), Tufts University, Massachusetts (Pediatrics Residency) and the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto (Pediatric Hematology and Oncology fellowship). He is the recipient of a number of awards including the Odile Schweisguth International Prize for pediatric oncology research and the young investigator award from the Children’s oncology group (COG). Dr. Narendran is currently a professor of oncology and pediatrics. His current responsibilities also include directing a laboratory for preclinical and drug discovery studies and phase I clinical trials for children with currently incurable malignancies, training students and postdoctoral fellows in pediatric cancer research and teaching graduate level courses in cancer biology, novel cancer therapeutics and ethics in reserch. Dr. Narendran sits on the Research and Ethics Board (REB) for the Calgary Health Region.


Areas of Research

Area of Focus
  • New therapies for refractory pediatric cancers

Dr. Narendran's laboratory focuses on the development of a “trial-in-a-cell” approach for future personalized cancer treatment in children. They have expertise in establishing molecularly relevant cell lines and tumor xenografts to screen libraries of novel therapeutics and biological agents for relapsed pediatric cancers. They are also establishing collaborations to derive genomic, epigenomic and transcriptomic data to find driver mutations and decisive genetic alterations in individual tumor specimens so druggable targets can be identified and matched to most applicable therapeutic agents for precision medicine in pediatric oncology.

Career Opportunity currently available in Dr. Narendran's lab:

Laboratory Research Opportunity in Immunology and Pediatric Cancer.

Project Aim: Currently, every year more than 400 Canadian children die because their cancer did not respond to current treatments. Our laboratory is investigating novel therapeutic approaches to cure these children, including antitumor vaccines. 

We are looking for a graduate student (MSc. or PhD) or a postdoctoral fellow to join our group. We are part of Cumming School of Medicine, Charbonneau Cancer Institute, University of Calgary and Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Position available immediately.

Qualifications: Interest and expertise in immunology including animal models would be as an asset. 

Please forward your inquiries to:

Michael O’Connell, E-mail: or call Dr. Aru Narendran (403) 210 6418

Participation in university strategic initiatives


Course number Course title Semester
MDGE 630 LEC 01 01 Anti-Cancer Ther & Clin Trials 2020
MDSC 50763 LAB 01 B01 Spec Prob in Medical Science 2020
MDSC 50763 LEC 01 01 Spec Prob in Medical Science 2021


  • Chair, 2018
  • award, 2015
  • Appointment, 2014
  • award, 2014
  • commendation, 2011
  • Citation, 2008
  • 1. Young Investigator Award in Pediatric Oncology, 2005
  • Young Investigator Award in Pediatric Oncology, 2005
  • 1. Young Investigator Award in Pediatric Oncology, 2004
  • 2. Special Achievement Awards - Health & Wellness, University of Calgary, 2004
  • award, 2004
  • award, 2003
  • Odile Schweisguth International Prize in Pediatric Oncology, 2003
  • Research Establishment Award, 2003
  • award, 2002
  • Master class in Pediatric Oncology, Amsterdam School of Pediatric Oncology. 2002
  • award, 2001
  • studentship, 2001
  • Distinction, 2000
  • award, 1998
  • award, 1996
  • Distinction, 1994
  • Farquharson Scholarship, 1994
  • Ivan H. Smith Memorial Award (Pediatric Oncology)., 1994
  • Distinction, 1986
  • Research Scholar Award, 1986
  • Sigma Xi Science and Research Honor Society, 1986
  • Zebulon Pearce Memorial Award, 1986