Alice de Koning

Dr. Alice de Koning, MBA, MSc, PhD


Professor (Teaching)

Haskayne School of Business, Entrepreneurship and Innovation [ENTI]

RBC Teaching Fellow in Entrepreneurial Thinking

Haskayne School of Business

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Educational Background

Doctor of Philosophy Strategy and Entrepreneurship, INSEAD, 1999

M.B.A. International Business, University of Western Ontario, 1991

B.A. History; Christianity & Culture, University of Toronto, 1983


Alice de Koning, PhD, fills several leadership roles at Haskayne School of Business and more broadly at the University of Calgary. She has taught a variety of courses at the graduate and undergraduate level in both entrepreneurship and strategy. In addition to emphasizing the core concepts for both these disciplines, she implements a variety of experiential pedagogies in her classes. In every course, she promotes effective communication and critical thinking skills.  Alice has an eclectic interest in businesses, industries, entrepreneurship, history, art, and education.  Her current research projects include metaphors in public discourse of entrepreneurship, sustainable models for social enterprise, provincial regulation and recreational cannabis business, and place-based, community engaged, experiential learning pedagogies.  Alice graduated from INSEAD (PhD) and the Ivey School of Business, Western University (MBA).  She was previously on the faculty at Bertolon School of Business, Salem State University, J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University, and Stockholm School of Economics, and has spent time as a visiting scholar at Boston University and The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.  



Areas of Research

Entrepreneurial Thought and Action in Context

Entrepreneurial thought and action takes place in specific contexts of people, places, and resources.  My research looks at the interactions between context and the evolution of entrepreneurial activity at the level of individuals, industries, and clusters.  Her current research projects include narratives and metaphors in public discourse of entrepreneurship, the role of story-telling in entrepreneurial action, sustainable models for social enterprise, provincial regulation and recreational cannabis business, and the context of pitch performances.


Experiential and Place-Based Learning

Place-based learning puts students into the context of specific places and communities, leading to deeper learning of the concepts of disciplines.  As students are challenged to analyze and make recommendations, they learn more about themselves and about our communities.  The research is creating a transdisciplinary community of people to develop modules and lesson plans to share, and investigating the impact of place-based learning on students.  

Participation in university strategic initiatives


Course number Course title Semester
MGST 615 Strategic Business Analysis


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