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Mr. Scott Voegtlin, MA

Pronouns: he/him


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Educational Background

BA History, University of Calgary, 2021


Masters Thesis

My research focuses on Canadian Mennonites during the World Wars and the various reactions to the conflicts, conscription, enlistment and labour. The aim of my thesis is to further expand Canadian historiography regarding the role of Mennonites during the World Wars. Investigating the local communities' reactions to alternative and military service throughout the conflicts, and consider why there was hostility against Mennonite citizens who chose conscientious objection to violence. In addition, how three central Mennonite conferences of Canada, being the General (Ontario), Mennonite Brethren (Manitoba) and North-West (Alberta), reacted to the outbreak of war and their followers' involvement. The history of Canada during the world wars deserves more dedication/scholarship regarding the specific ethno-religious people groups who participated in the war effort, in order to create a more complete story of the nation.


  • Oldenburg International Student Grant, Carl-von-Ossietzky-Universität. 2019
  • Velvet Ltd. Student Scholarship, Velvet Energy. 2018