Maria Stoletova

Maria Stoletova



Media contacts

Karen Perl-Pollard
Senior Communications Strategist, Haskayne School of Business

Office: +1.403.220.6153



Educational Background

Doctor of Philosophy Engineering, Vladimir State University, 2002

M.S. Industrial Engineering, Wayne State University, 2005

M.S. Operations Management, University of Arkansas, 2003


Maria Stoletova has over 20 years of teaching and industrial experience in the quality area. Maria holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Engineering from Vladimir State University (Russia), Master's degrees in Industrial Engineering from Wayne State University (USA), in Operations Management from the University of Arkansas (USA) and in Metrology from Vladimir State University. She taught in operations and supply chain management, decision analysis, Quality improvement, applied engineering statistics and metrology at US, Canadian and Russian universities. Maria worked on research projects in the fields of Quality Assurance and International Quality Standards. She completed a number of consulting projects in the Quality improvement area working with manufacturing and service companies. Maria is an ASQ Certified Quality Manager, Quality Engineer, Quality Auditor and "Six Sigma Green Belt" champion.


Course number Course title Semester
OPMA 317 LEC 01 01 Fund Op & Supply Chain Mgmt 2020
OPMA 317 LEC 02 02 Fund Op & Supply Chain Mgmt 2020
OPMA 317 LEC 05 05 Fund Op & Supply Chain Mgmt 2021
OPMA 411 LEC 01 01 Field Investigation in OPMA 2020
OPMA 301 LEC 01 01 Intro Oper & Supply Chain Mgmt 2021
OPMA 403 LEC 01 01 ManagingQualityProd&Service 2020


  • UToday from October 2nd, 2017, OER project and its Research team was featured in UToday on October 2nd, 2017.. 2017
  • ASQ webinar course, 2015


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